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bags for vacuum sealers
50 pre-cut bags for vacuum sealers (dimensions cm. 30x40 and cm. 20x30) and rolls for bags (dimensions cm. 20 x 6mt. both) .
These new patented bags are made of double ribbed layers, with an outer layer in nylon and an inner layer in polyethylene. These heavy-duty bags provide a moisture and oxygen barrier that protects your food from freezer burn.
package 1 : € 20,00
50 pre-cut bags cm. 30x40
package 2 : € 8,00
2 rolls for bags cm.20x6m. (each)
   package 3 : € 13,50
100 pre-cut bags cm. 20x30
   package 4 : € 18,00
2 rolls for bags cm. 30x6m. (each)

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