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 Volumetric rotary pumps

 with flexible impeller, self-priming and slow running speed

general features

These volumetric rotary pumps, self priming type(up to 6 metres maximum), have a flexible impeller.
They are reversible with a slow running speed (also available as monobloc - coaxial) reduced by pulley arrangement at 1 or 2 speed. The pumps are available with a mechanical speed variator or integrated frequency converter (inverter). The trolley/base, fittings and the pump are made completely in stainless steel AISI304 ( AISI 316 on request). The standard pump impeller is in natural non toxic rubber or alternatively on request in neoprene, nitrile, EPDM or silicon. The standard mechanical seal is stainless steel-graphite-NBR or on request in vidia-vidia-NBR or vidia-vidia-viton.

FOOD INDUSTRY: transferring of delicate liquids and also those with solid in suspension with different viscosity and without emulsifier (wine, must, must and stemmed must, beer, fruit pulp and juices, jams, liquid sugars, glucose, milk, butter, yoghurt, eggs, oil and tomatoes in pulp and juices).

PHARMACEUTICAL AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: transferring of starch, glues ( with a water base), emulsions, glycerine, wax, detergents, soap liquids, shampoos, creams, syrups, saps, vegetables and animals fat, industrial waste water, etc.

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