About us

GRECO STORE sell agriculture items and equipments, gardening and home items. It is situated in TAURIANOVA, province of Reggio Calabria, ITALY.

The firm was established in 1964 by Salvatore GRECO; in 2010 becomes GRECO STORE s.a.s. by Mesa Martín Ivethe, for continuing and renewing this well-recognized store.


We have always believed in the potentialities of the web.

Since 2001 we started to offer our items on the web. We immediately saw that there was a lot of interest from the web users. It was very unusual try to sell wine presses or stainless steel tanks in 2001! while all the other vendors offered consumer electronics or books.

But we continued to believe in it.

For us, yesterday and nowadays sell online means... clear information, willingness to customers always and prices that must be lower than the usual commercial channels (outside the web). So, shopping on line must not be a simple or fast way to buy only, but it can mean saving and a useful experience: Contacting us you could receive before any kind of information, advises, quotation, without any obligation of purchase.


GRECO STORE is a NOVITAL wholesaler, the italian famous egg incubators manufacturer; in NOVITAL range there are grain mills, poultry equipments. We invite the foreign customers to contact us for quotation on NOVITAL items.

where we are


60 km from Reggio Calabria


Salerno-Reggio Calabria > Gioia Tauro