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Electric group for egg incubator COVATUTTO 120-4V

ELECTRIC GROUP for egg incubators COVATUTTO 120-4V

manufacture NOVITAL

code GEC120

Electric group for egg incubator COVATUTTO 120-4V. The item includes the heating and air forced ventilation (electronic card, motor+fan, temperature probe, heater element/resistance, etc.) + lower base provided with second resistance.


By means this item is possible to transform the 'old' incubator COVATUTTO 120 in a new COVATUTTO 120-4V: we have to substitute all the 'head' of old incubator with this new item.

- dimension electric group (cm):27x30x18 h

- weight: 2,300 kg.
- base dimension (cm): 35,5x43x5,5
- weight: 0,550 kg