EGG INCUBATOR mod. COVATUTTO 162-5V automatic

manufacture NOVITAL

code INC8A

The egg incubator is an artificial mother hen who create the ideal conditions allowing the fertilised eggs to continue their embryonic development already started before they were laid, up to the little chicken birth.

You can incubate eggs of quail, hen, grey partridge, guinea fowl, hen-pheasant, duck, turkey-hen, goose.

The egg incubator COVATUTTO 162-5V automatic has a transparent front door for a complete vision of the interior.

The eggs rotation/movement take place by means three egg turning devices.

The heating is provided by two heater elements (up and down) and two fans for a better uniformity of heating, humidity and a better air changing.

The humidity is assured by water trays put on the bottom

- dimensions (cm): 64*x45x58h

* cm 64 egg turning devices inclusive

- weight: 15,460 KG

- package dimensions: 59x51x61h (incubator)

- package weight: 15,700 KG (incubator)

p - capacity: 144-162 (hen)



COVATUTTO 162-5v semi-automatic

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