manufacture NOVITAL

code INC6

The egg incubator is an artificial mother hen who create the ideal conditions allowing the fertilised eggs to continue their embryonic development already started before they were laid, up to the little chicken birth.

You can incubate eggs of quail, hen, grey partridge, hen-pheasant, guinea fowl, duck, turkey-hen, goose.

The egg incubator COVATUTTO 54 DIGITAL belongs to new NOVITAL egg incubators range. These incubators are provided with digital thermometer and a switch for an easily changing of the temperature. The cabinet is made in very strong plastic and it has good thermal insulation (double wall with polystyrene). The eggs rotation/movement take place by means an external pommel (blue): For an automatic egg rotation, is necessary to buy and apply an egg turning device. The heating is provided by an heater element while the fan situated upon the eggs allows a better uniformity of heating, humidity and a better air changing. The humidity is assured by water contained into a "space" in the shape of the base. DISPLAY: on the display is possible to control the temperature, but its function is advise the user during the incubation: one led advise you when we need to turn the eggs; a second led advise you to add water inside the incubator; a third led advise you when begins the hatching period; but if you do not like those "advises" you can stop these leds.

- dimensions (cm.):58x41x37,5 h

- weight: kg. 5,200

- package weight: kg. 7,400

- capacity: 48-54 eggs (hen)


COVATUTTO 54 semiautomatic

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