How to order
How to order
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Dear customer,

If you want to buy an item from our store.....    

::  First of all, you have to contact us by our e-mail or form. When we received your request / order / etc....

::  GRECOstore send you an e-mail provided with all information about your order: a quotation with shipping charges, payment method and availability of the item(s).
When you receive our quotation and the confirmation of availability of the item (or of the items).....

you have to send us your confirmation of order by our e-mail e-mail or filling in our order form :
complete address, telephone number (not mobile) and....
"order : N° 1 ...(item name), mod..."
for instance: "order: N° 1 incubator mod. COVATUTTO 24 ECO, etc. etc."
then, you can arrange your payment.

PAYMENT METHOD                   UP
For international sales (sales from abroad), we can offer two payment methods:
a) payment through a bank transfer;
b) payment through credit card (PayPal).
To the right side of this page, there is a list of all the country which customers can send the money in Italy through PayPal.

The quickness of the shipping depends by the payment method you want to use: If you want to pay by a BANK TRANSFER, we have to wait for the bank deposit in our bank account.
Instead, if you want to use a CREDIT CARD payment by PAYPAL, after one or two working days, GRECOstore will ship the purchased item.

SHIPPING                   UP
For international shippings, we usually use BARTOLINI (D.P.D., EUROEXPRESS) SDA (FedEx), but we use another shipments companies (TRANSMEC, SAVINO DEL BENE, PRIOGLIO International, GLS, POSTE ITALIANE, etc. etc.): The choice depends by kind of item(s), total weight/volume, destination countries, etc.; therefore, according to the item(s) to send, we choose the best way with reference to cost, destination country (city, etc.), time of delivery and customer requirements also.

SHIPPING CHARGES                   UP
The shipping charges depend by kind of item(s) - with reference to weight and volume of its package(s) - destination countries (city, etc.) and kind of offered service (or allowed service).
Therefore, we calculate the shipping rate through weight or volumetric weight *: we have to consider the higher value between the total weight and the total volumetric weight.

* Volumetric Weight of goods
This value can be obtained by the volume of package/parcel/pallet (or by the volumes of every packages/parcels/pallets of each shipping) by means this formula : Length x Width x Height (in centimeters) / 4.000 or 6.000, etc. >> it depends by companies and services.

1) weight : generally, we account of weight when we have an item (or items) with a small package(s); sometimes, we can choose Poste Italiane service when we have only one parcel, which dimensions do not exceed 225 cm (as sum of three side) and its weight do not exceed 30 kg. 
1.b) : we account of weight when the total weight of parcel/s-package/s has a value higher of volumetric weight (same parcel/s-package/s).*  

2) volumetric weight : we account of volumetric weight when the total volumetric weight of parcel/s-package/s has a value higher of weight (same parcel/s-package/s).    

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