grain mill GOLIA 4V


manufacture NOVITAL

Grain mill for grinding cereals as maize, oat, barley, rye, etc. etc.

The mill has a innovative dust cover container for the grinded product (the white container with blue handle).
It is provided with a thermic device for an outage in case of electrical overload and a safety device to protect any contact with the blades.
- the assembling of this mill is extremely simple.

- hopper 44x40 cm;

- overall dimensions: 65x62x100h

- motor power - 1 HP (750 Watt)

- weight: 10,300 KG

- hourly production*: for instance >> MAIS
from 130 kg/h (2,5 mm sieve) to maximum 260 kg/h ( 8 mm sieve)
* the values of production depend by the kind of cereals and its humidity.

accessories: n° 4 sieves
(holes diameter (mm) : 2,5 - 4 - 6 - 8)


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DAVIDE 4V grain mill