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copper pot with mixer for cooking corn meal, Novital
copper pot with mixer
7,3 litres

€ 93,00

minifrigo elettrico portatile ARTIKO DEKOR TK45/S4 Ardes
portable electric mini-fridge

€ 83,00

copper pot with mixer, Ardes
copper pot with mixer
art. 244

€ 38,00

 pop-corn maker mod. KORNY art. TK-41, manufacture ARDES
pop-corn maker

€ 18,00

plate filter for oil mod. JET 10 PLUS - 110V/60Hz
oil filter
mod. JET 10 PLUS
equipped with electric pump 110V/60Hz
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vacuum sealer mod. GENIUS, magic vac, Flaem Nuova

vacuum sealer

mod. "GENIUS"

€ 100,00

new items
egg incubator mod. COVATUTTO 24 DIGITAL semiautomatic, Novital
egg incubator
egg incubator mod. covatutto 108 semiautomatic, Novital
egg incubator
egg incubator mod. COVATUTTO 108 DIGITAL, semiautomatic
egg incubator
paioli in rame con mescolatore estraibile, Ardes
copper pots with mixer
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spiral kneading machine mod. IM8CE, fixed bowl and head, 8 kg. of dough
kneading machine
8 kg of dough

€ 685,00


eggs incubator mod. COVATUTTO 40-4V automatic, 48-54 hen eggs, Novital,
eggs incubator
covatutto 40-4V automatic

€ 290,00

vacuum sealer mod. Classic Flaem Nuova, Magic Vac system
vacuum sealer

€ 118,00

hand crank coffee grinder mod. 13-R Facem Tre Spade manufacturer
coffee grinder
mod. 13-R

€ 47,00


electric mill for grinding cereals, mod. URAGANO HP 1.75
electric mill

€ 220,00


eggs incubator

covatutto 162-5V automatic

€ 506,00


electric sealed stove 12 cm. plate
electric sealed stove
12 cm. plate

€ 16,00

centrifugal motorpump,  2 stroke internal combustion engine
centrifugal motorpump

€ 209,00

soil thermometer
soil thermometer

€ 12,00

kitchen scale 30 kg
kitchen scale
30 kg.

€ 43,00